Writing Resources: Terrible Minds

By now, you’ve likely seen one of my other Writing Resources posts.  I try to find stuff that will help you with NaNoWriMo and your writing in general.  Some, like Satia’s guest post, solely cater to one or the other.  Others, like today’s, cater to both.  Terrible Minds is a blog by Chuck Wendig.  The link should dump you into the section of the blog with the actual posts, which cover everything from rough drafts to publishing (among other things).  If you want to look at what he’s written, look here.

Now, don’t go into his blog expecting to have your hand held.  He displays nothing but disdain for those who say “I want to write, but…“.  Only go here if you’re prepared for that.  He will cuss at you.  He will make it sound like you’re whining about having to do the simplest thing on the planet.  He splays the spurs onto the page to burrow through your eyes and into your brain until you get up and actually do.  And that, THAT, is why I link his posts here.  If you want politically correct, there are dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) who will happily treat you like a piece of glass.  If you don’t, he might just be what you’re looking for.

One last little aside, pulled from a nugget buried in his posts, is his insights on NaNoWriMo from when he did it.  It’s a good, honest look at what you’re getting into.  Read it.  Even if you don’t look at anything else of his, it’s a perspective you’re not likely to get from people actively participating in or moderating the contest.  It might help clear some things up.


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